• Rolled Collars Out!!! Inside Stitch Collars In

    No More Matting

  • Highest Grade of Italian Leather

  • Nylon robe inside the leather is strong enough to pull a car

    Incredible Softness and Durability

  • Optimal Comfort for the dog guaranteed

    Hand Crafted With Passion

  • Your pet will love it

    No Visible Stitching or Bothersome Edging

Adjustable Colored Leashes
from $81.45 Adjustable Colored Leashes
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Adjustable Leash with Crystals
$0.00 - Sold Out Adjustable Leash with Crystals
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One Length Leash
from $45.95 One Length Leash
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Crystal Collar
from $34.65 Crystal Collar
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Round Collar  with Solid Brass
from $30.25 Round Collar with Solid Brass
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Round Collar Chrome Plated
from $29.15 Round Collar Chrome Plated
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Semi Choke Collar -inside stitch
from $26.00 Semi Choke Collar -inside stitch
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Cushioned Step in Harness
from $52.44 Cushioned Step in Harness
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